Assign Test Runs for Review

Assign Test Runs for Review

Who is reviewing your failed test runs?

It would be naïve to think that tests never fail. In fact, if the system-under-test is changing and the test hasn't been updated yet, then you would actually hope and expect that it fails. It's a good practice to update your tests and your code at the same time, and to run your tests early and often. But let's face it. Sometimes tests fail. So how does your team respond when this happens?

Assign test runs for review

Testery now enables you to assign tests for review. To assign a test run, you can assign a user from the test runs page.

Or you can also assign a reviewer while viewing the test results for the individual test run.

The user will optionally be notified in Slack

If the user who was assigned the test run has configured their Slack profile (click the user icon in the top right), then they will receive a notification whenever a test run is assigned to them. You must enable the Slack integration for the account in order for this feature to work (to do so, go to Settings -> Integrations).