In order to run Testery tests using the method described below, you will need to install Python and the AWS CLI on your TeamCity build agents.

  1. Install Python (tested on Python 3.7, other versions will likely still work) -
  2. Install AWS CLI -
  3. Sign up for a Testery account if you don't already have one (

Step 1. Add a testery.yml file to the root of your project


Step 2. Add a build step to your build configuration to upload the test artifacts and kick off the test run.

  1. From the build configuration page, select Add Build Step.
  2. Set Runner Type to either Command Line or PowerShell.
  3. Set Step Name (e.g. "Run Testery Tests").
  4. Specify the following for Script source (updating with your own values).

    pathToTestDllAssemblies is the build output directory of the project containing your SpecFlow feature files. It is normally set to <projectName>/bin/Debug depending on how your Visual Studio project is configured.
# Upload the test artifacts.
aws s3 sync <pathToTestDllAssemblies> s3://<organization>/assemblies/<projectName>/%build.number%/

# Install the latest Testery CLI.
py -m pip install testery --upgrade

# Kick off the test run.
testery create-test-run --username <username> --token <token> 
	--git-org <organization> --git-repo <repo> --git-ref "%build.vcs.number%"
    --build-id "%build.number%" --environment <environment> 
    --project <projectName> --output teamcity 
    --runner "dotnet"