Introducing Playwright Support on the Testery Platform

Introducing Playwright Support on the Testery Platform

Playwright is one of the most exciting end-to-end testing frameworks to emerge over the past few years.

This open source tool is built on modern NodeJS foundations to provide reduced flakiness, excellent cross-browser support, and high quality debugging and reporting.

Testery is pleased to announce General Availability for Playwright support in the Testery AI Cloud plans. Get Started today with a 14 day Free Trial on Testery.

Getting started with Playwright on Testery is easy - just check out our example repository for code samples to start from and check out our Framework Documentation. Most projects just require a 1 line addition to the playwright.config.js file.

Playwright projects benefit from all the Testery features including interactive test results, AI-Powered Failure Analysis, Video & Screenshot captures, Alerts, and Integrations with leading CI Platforms

Do you need help with your Test Automation Efforts, or are you looking for guidance in migrating older tests to Playwright? The Test Orchestrators at Testery can help.