Introducing Jira Integration for the Testery Platform

Introducing Jira Integration for the Testery Platform

Jira is the #1 project management tool for high-performing teams. Flexible for the work you do, connected to everything.

This tool is used by software engineering teams around the world to track issues, features and development progress.

Testery is pleased to announce General Availability for our latest integration which introduces the ability to create Jira Issues directly from the Testery plaform. Get started today with a 14-day free trial on Testery.

Setting up the integration can be done in as little as two clicks. Full Documentation is available here.

First, you'll connect your testery & Jira instances. In the Testery platform, Navigate to Settings > Integrations. Click the "Authorize Jira Integration" button. Review the requested permissions, and when ready, click the "Accept" button.

Now you can create a Jira Issue by choosing any Review Status on any test under a test runs details. You will then be prompted to create an issue if you wish.

You can also create a single Jira Issue tied to multiple Testery tests after you run a Test Run Analysis (using Tai, Testery's AI-Powered Failure Analysis solution). This can be done from the Testery UI or the Slack Integration.

Do you need help with your Test Automation Efforts? The Test Orchestrators at Testery can help.