This year has changed the game for most businesses in every industry in one way or another.  There has been an increasing pressure for digital transformations across the board with some industries getting hit harder than others. All companies by now should have some sort of digital transformation strategy. But one question...has application monitoring and testing been incorporated into that strategy?

Prior to this year, there was already an increasing number of remote workers. But, this year the number has skyrocketed. The number of online businesses has increased as well. NS1, a network application and access firm, released data that showed the number of companies implementing application monitoring and testing has surged and is remaining “extraordinarily strong” with 66% more traffic than last year. The domino effect is at play here.

  1. More remote workers and increased online business
  2. An increase in online traffic to applications and websites AND a general increase in broadband (43% increase from Jan to Mar 2020) and network consumption
  3. More application and website failures
  4. In order to ensure quality, application uptime, and beat competition, companies implement application monitoring and testing into their digital transformation strategy

Could your application withstand a 20% increase in traffic? How about 40%? Do you know what would happen if there is a 50% decrease in network bandwidth? Don’t let your customers find out for you! So, what happens if you don’t add application monitoring and testing into your strategy? It’s a mixed bag, but here are some examples:

  • Application failures causing missed revenue and lost customers
  • Application slowness causing unexpected/flaky application behavior
  • Critical application paths broken
  • Security issues
  • Network issues
  • Database or server crashes

Don’t let this happen to your application or website especially in these trying times. Start incorporating some of the following into your digital transformation strategy:

  • Load testing
  • Smoke tests
  • Performance tests
  • Security tests
  • Synthetic monitoring
  • Real user monitoring

This list is not exhaustive...just a starting point. Take action today with application and website monitoring and testing so you don’t become irrelevant in this fast-paced, cloud-based world.

Need help getting started? Testery would be glad to give you a free consultation to assess how and where to start.